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We spend on third of our entire life asleep... it makes sense to spend it in a supportive bed.

An Australian Premium Product
We have partnered with an Australian owned bedding manufacturer to provide our clients with Premium quality Mattresses at Wholesale Prices. 

WellnessHQ were needing to find a solution to a huge problem our patients were having. After receiving excellent treatment, patients were going home to a poorly supportive mattress, and wondering why results were slow in coming.

We found a family owned Australian Bedding manufacturer, providing a quality product. Our Chiropractors have personally handpicked 1/2 a dozen suitable mattresses at different price points, with different 'feels', but all very supportive and comfortable. It has taken the hard work, confusion and over the top pricing out of choosing your next mattress.
Most importantly we are professionally trained bed fitters and are well equipped to help you find your perfect bed at the best possible price. Contact us today!
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