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Why choose Wellness HQ?

When choosing a Chiropractor, you want experience a 'listerning ear', someone you can trust, an excellent clinician and technician that can analyse and care for you but also make you feel comfortable. Our team cares about our patients, following best practice, with your consent and in your best interest.

See more reasons to choose Wellness HQ:

  • Dedicated to optimal health outcomes for patients - adults, children and families

  • Team of caring and professional practitioners

  • Referrals welcome but not needed

  • Conveniently located in three major regional cities

  • Taking TAC, Workcover and Veterans affairs clients

Wellness HQ is compassionate and ready to quickly analyse and treat conditions as well as recommend other suitable disciplines that may also help to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Your first appointment

On this visit, the Doctor will take a detailed verbal medical history and perform a physical examination. This is where the information is gathered to formulate a chiropractic treatment plan which meets your exact needs.

Ongoing appointments

On subsequent visits, any x-rays which may have been taken are explained, any areas of concern identified, and treatment begins.

Pricing Structure

First Appointment  $70 ($65 Concession*)
Ongoing Appointments  $60 ($55 Concession*)

* Eligible Concessions include
Health Care Card

Pension/Seniors Card 
Families of 3 or more patients


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